Friday, June 28, 2019

Different Fields Of Operations Of A Restaurant Consultant

In past few years there has been impressive growth of restaurant business. From taking up the franchisee of the global restaurant chain to opening a small local café; it has become very easy and convenient to spot an eatery point around your surroundings. At first glance, this business seems to be very attractive and revenue generating business idea but like every other business even this business demands loads of hard work, planning, right execution and dedication. All thanks to the Restaurant Consultant who are there to help the restaurant owners with their dream of successful running restaurant.

They are the ones who can help and support restaurant with almost all aspects like:

• They can strategically plan your marketing plans

Whether your restaurant needs a Local Store Marketing plan or a global promotional idea; the restaurant consultants can do it all. They can sit with your team of marketing or can even give you ideas individually to increase the walk-ins, sales and revenue of your food business. Isn’t it fantastic!

• Yes, they can suggest you best interiors too

From suggesting the theme to deciding the interiors; the restaurant consultants are Restaurant Interior Designers too. They can give some exclusive and unique interior decorating ideas that can make your restaurant space look appealing. Doesn’t it sound interesting?

• Menu Developing and Designing is their yet another concerned field

Believe it or not but it is the menu of the restaurant which attracts the customers. Thus, planning and designing a menu in itself is a tedious job which becomes easy with an advice of a restaurant consultant. So, make sure to consult them at least once while designing and deciding the menu.

• Managing and training the staff is also their part of job

Like every other job even the restaurant workers need training and development sessions from time to time. From chefs to front office managers and waiters to bartenders; they can organize the training and development sessions for all at time of needs. What else one could have asked for?

Nowadays, the career of a restaurant consultant seems to be very promising. And with right experience it can help an individual grow and expand. So, if you too are thinking of becoming a restaurant consultant don’t give it a second thought. Just go for it.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Why Restaurant Designing Is Important?

If you are planning to start a restaurant business, you need to take help from many restaurant consultants such as restaurant designers, restaurant marketers and other important personnel who can offer great help to give it a successful start. Restaurant architects are the designers that work on your restaurant designing part. They work on the overall designing of the restaurant along with the dining establishments. The owner discusses all their needs and requirements for their restaurant with the designers and helps them in their completion. The designers work on a contractual basis and need to complete it within the specified time guidelines.

Importance Of Restaurant Designing

After deciding on your restaurant's theme, the next important thing to focus on is its designing. When thinking of a restaurant, the first thing that clicks in our mind is the good food but restaurant designing is extremely essential if you want the customers to stay and to return back in future. An influencing design improves your restaurant's image that results in a repeat of customers and the addition of new customers to your business. To stand out in the competitive industry, a good restaurant interior helps in improving customer satisfaction. A good restaurant design helps in the restaurant marketing by the customers who already visited in.

You Can Learn The Importance Of Restaurant Design In The Following Description

• Marketing and branding strategy: An effective restaurant design is a crucial part of the marketing strategy. The way customers look at the restaurant is important for its branding. Even before noticing the food, the interior is the foremost thing the customers notice as soon as they enter your restaurant. A decent interior gets more appraisal than a shabby and bright interior.

• Impacts customer psychology: A good interior design lays a great impact on customer psychology in deciding a good or bad image of the restaurant. You can make your customer stay more, order more and offer good tips with the help of effective interior design.

• Social media popularity: In today's world, social media is getting widely popular. Customers used to express everything on social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. Experiencing good food in a beautiful restaurant is most likely to be posted on social media sites that can help in increasing your restaurant's popularity to a wider customer area.

Major Elements Of Restaurant Designing That Increase Its Popularity

• Architecture and design: The architecture of the restaurant is the first thing that impacts the customer even before visiting it. It should be designed with the help of a professional and a highly qualified designer.

• Lighting: Lighting can make or kill the effect of the interior. It should be placed properly in the proper areas for highlighting the essentials.

• Seating: The seating of the restaurant should be comfortable and attractive. The customer stays if they get impressed with the seating available.

• Fragrance: A subtle and pleasant fragrance can refresh the mood of the customers and helps in developing a positive image.

The design of the restaurant impacts a lot in restaurant consulting firmsrestaurant marketing.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tips To Choose A Restaurant Consulting Firm

The restaurant industry is quite huge and is changing deliberately. It is very important for the existing restaurant firms to keep up their pace with the existing change. Every day the market needs are arising due to changing customer needs. It is crucial for the owners of the restaurants to look for the opinion of industry experts. The professional restaurant consulting firms knows the latest market requirements and helps the restaurant owners in developing their essential business needs. The professional consulting firms are backed by years of experience and offer a great solution. The companies can help with the solution for the entire restaurant and also for a specifically chosen area by the owner for getting help.

It is quite crucial to trust the professionals for various reasons such as due to lack of knowledge, to get an innovative solution for a particular problem, for acquiring the knowledge of the market situations to create more customer base. In this highly competitive world, there are many firms that are working as restaurant consultants. Finding the right firm to help your restaurant grow is important for the growth of your restaurant business. The article explains some of the needing tips that can help in selecting one of the best restaurant consulting firms.

Tips To Choose a Restaurant Consulting Firm

• Define your restaurant business goals: As a restaurant owner, you must be aware of your restaurant needs for which you are looking to get help. Knowing your needs help in getting the right help by exploring the market. Getting clear of your restaurant's business goals is among the top priority to create an accurate search path for the consultant. Specifying your business goals to the consultant makes it clear to create a productive business plan.

• Do preliminary research: A preliminary market research helps you in creating a list as per your requirements. As there are many big restaurant consultants in the market, making a list of the most desired for your business is quite essential. Go through the internet, advertisements and other sources for a refined search, filtering your search results according to your requirements offers you among the best market options.

• Look for references: You can go for referrals for an accurate search. You can ask people who are already working in the industry. They are the best to get the right references of the restaurant consulting firms. You can reject some from the list who are least required and does not fulfill your restaurant's requirements. The restaurant consultants have the huge responsibility of taking your restaurant to the next level. Choose the right consultant who can ensure the success of your restaurant in the market.

• Do a background check: Once you have created a list of consultants, it is important to do a background check. The purpose will make sure that whether you want to go further by signing a contract or not. You can check the goals and vision of the chosen firms, their work portfolio or the list of clients for whom they have worked, their strategy for your restaurant, the price offered and area of specialty etc.

• Ask for proposal: You can definitely ask for their proposal for your restaurant. A written proposal helps you get a clear idea for your business. Compare the proposals from different consultants to make a selection.

• Take an interview: Take an interview from all the selected restaurant consulting firms for your restaurant. Clear all your needs before making your final decision.

Find the most useful consultant firm for your restaurant for a better outlook and to stay competitive in the market before finalizing the payment structure.

Author: Robert Ancill

The Next Idea is a highly innovative and experienced team of restaurant consultants and leisure consultants, who have successfully opened and managed more than 850 restaurants, bars, and hotels worldwide. Our team includes established experts in the restaurant, food, retail and leisure industry, offering a combined 120 years of restaurant, hotel and leisure experience. From running national restaurant chains to developing nationally known brands, the consultancy has proven over and over their ability to tackle every possible challenge in the development and operations of profitable restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Restaurant Consultants?

The restaurant industry is very competitive and needs to be very innovative to withstand the emerging market competition. Every restaurant at some point in time in their restaurant business needs a restaurant consultant for their expert help. Hiring a restaurant consulting group helps the restaurant with great advice, attractive planning, training, advice and support for making all the aspects of the restaurant better than its previous condition. A consultant is hired by the restaurants for identifying their problems that are creating hurdle in their development and helping with the right solution. Sometimes, the employees working in the restaurant are aware of the problem but are not efficient enough in solving them. Thus, a professional group offer great support in improving the restaurant's current market status.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Restaurant Consultants?

A business consultant works on developing the strategy, identifying the problem and solving it, a detailed description of business knowledge etc. Restaurant consulting service is increasing among the industry to beat the market competition. The restaurant owners or the management look for constant growing ideas to make their business among the best businesses in the market. Effective business guidance is the need of the current market situation and is must to have. This article discusses some of the crucial benefits of hiring restaurant consulting group.

• They have a significant experience: Any restaurant hire a consultant due to their effective experience in the related industry. The restaurant owner gets to benefit from their expert advice to develop market stability. Experienced consultants know how to treat customers in the restaurant business and to allure them towards your restaurant. An experienced firm can help your business grow by keeping an eye on the market competition.

• They know the latest industry trends:The experienced restaurant consultants keep a regular update on the changing industry trends. They attain a great knowledge of the industry and help the business grow as per the changing trends even before they become a trend. This requires great knowledge which can only be shared by an industry expert. Staying ahead of the market competition is a major requirement of the restaurant business.

• They understand public relations: Public relations is a very crucial aspect of the restaurant industry. When a restaurant works with a Restaurant consulting group they get the benefits of their major contracts in the industry. The experts help you navigate through many critical situations which is not possible by the businesses on their own.

• Expertise in menu engineering: Menu construction is a crucial thing in a restaurant. A subtle and easy to understand menu design help the customers to order easily. Experts know the industry trends for constructing the menu such as designing, choice of words, font size etc that attract customers. Industry professionals know all the ways to save money.

• They help with hiring: Industry experts have great knowledge of the personnel or staff requirements of the restaurant business. They have the knowledge and skills to pick the right person for the right role. Staffing is an essential element of the restaurant that can be done with the help of experts.

• They can draft an expansion strategy: Experts are capable of drafting an expansion strategy which can help your business to expand to a great height. If you want to expand to a new neighborhood or to a new town, the expert help is very essential as they are aware of the market status and have a strategy to go ahead.

• Employee training: Restaurant consultants help with employee training according to the current industry norms.

There is a wide scope in running a restaurant, an experienced support can give your business a major boost.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Opening a restaurant is quite a tricky business. A lot of innovation and creative ideas are needed if you want to open a restaurant for a successful business. A large number of restaurants are already running in the market. These restaurants keep improving their professional skills and methods as per the changing customer needs. To get your restaurant business fit in the group of successful restaurants, you need to think above the existing level of the restaurant industry. Whether your plan is to open a small or a big restaurant, both types require a lot of research on the concept of the restaurant, the investment required to start your business, the location of the restaurant, which the restaurant is going to attract and other important aspects.

The restaurant industry is quite huge. There are many restaurants that are running successfully in the market by making their customers happy. The restaurant start-up business is surrounded by a lot of risks and tough hours. If you are going to open the first restaurant and there are a lot of questions mingled in your mind.

This Article Tries To Solve Them By Offering Some Of The Best Advice.

• Decide the concept of the restaurant: The first thing to look while starting your restaurant business is to decide upon the concept. The idea of your restaurant should be made by keeping your investment limits in mind. For a deeper analysis, you need to consider the average price paid by the customer in your restaurant. After finalizing your restaurant's concept, you can look towards the theme and cuisine of the restaurant. The interior should match the restaurant's theme and can be open for any change according to the changing market needs.

• Get investment to fund your restaurant: After deciding the concept, theme and cuisine you need to look for the investment options. Propose your Idea of opening a restaurant to a reliable sponsor to get an adequate amount of investment. There are various ways to get the required funding for your business such as an option of the loan from banks, self-funding where you can generate funds from your own and private funding option such as sponsors.

• Evaluation of costs involved in your restaurant business: It is important to plan by evaluating your expected restaurant costs such as food costs where you need to examine the cost of raw-materials to fill up your restaurant kitchen, Overhead costs that includes the cost of the interior, rent, kitchen equipment, license and marketing.

• Decide on your restaurant's location: The successful running of your restaurant depends on its location. Whether a city's busy area is suitable for your restaurant or an outer location will be suitable. To fix a location, you need to review your restaurant's concept and the type of customers you are looking for. In either location, visibility and accessibility to your restaurant are of prime importance.

A restaurant start-up is not possible without these tips. Introducing reliable, effective and professional manpower gives your restaurant a professional look.

Author: Robert Ancill


The Next Idea is a highly innovative and experienced team of restaurant consultants and leisure consultants, who have successfully opened and managed more than 850 restaurants, bars, and hotels worldwide. Our team includes established experts in the restaurant, food, retail and leisure industry, offering a combined 120 years of restaurant, hotel and leisure experience. From running national restaurant chains to developing nationally known brands, the consultancy has proven over and over their ability to tackle every possible challenge in the development and operations of profitable restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How To Choose A Restaurant Consulting Firm And What Are The Benefits Of Hiring One

If you are looking to set up your own restaurant then a restaurant consulting firm helps you in its set up. As a start-up owner, you need to consider many factors in relation to the restaurant opening such as location, design and concept, structuring of the menu, staffing and hiring of different purpose staff etc. It requires experience and proper understanding of the market, if you do not have any prior experience in this field then hiring a restaurant consulting group can be of extreme significance. This article is all about explaining the significance, advantages and need for hiring restaurant consulting.

What Is The Role Of A Restaurant Consulting Firm?

A restaurant consulting firm not only ensure the proper set up of your restaurant but also make sure that as an owner you should not make any fatal mistake. Restaurant consulting firms have experience of many years in the industry that can make them capable of dealing with various important functions of different restaurant's departments and ensure their proper functioning to make your restaurant turning into a successful business. Restaurant consultants help you with the following:

Help you in deciding the format and concept of your restaurant.

Guide you in choosing a relevant location for opening your restaurant.

Helps in selecting the right property.

Make sure in smooth and reliable staff hiring.

Helps in training the staff to work in different departments.

These experts know what can be the menu design, structure, pricing etc.

They are a great help in accounting services and financial planning.

Restaurant consulting firm also helps in restaurant designing services.

How To Hire A Restaurant Consulting Firm?

There are available many restaurant consultants in the market, but to choose the best among all can help in successful opening o your restaurant. You can consider below important points to choose the best among available.

• Start a preliminary search: You can start the search by making a list of the firms that you find most suitable as per your requirements. Ask for their quotes and then note them to compare from others. Look for the restaurant promotion ideas to grab major attention of the experienced firms.

• Discuss the project with the chosen firms: You can freely discuss your business plan with the firms that you have selected. This helps you in grabbing their views on it.

• Ask for written proposals: From your top listers, ask for written proposals for references.

• Analyze and select the best: Compare all the proposals and choose the best by analyzing all the factors.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Restaurant Consulting Firm?

Your restaurant marketing plan can be a great success if you hire a professional firm. It helps you with reliable restaurant marketing ideas that are a big help for your startup restaurant business. Except this, there are many other benefits of hiring them:

• Hire the right staff: An experienced restaurant consulting firm helps in hiring the right staff for different departments of the restaurant.

• Menu perfection: The professionals know the type of menu, its creativity and innovativeness. They make it as perfect as you want it to be.

• Systematization: All the departments of the restaurant should work symmetrically to gain success as a whole.

About the Author

Author: Robert Ancill


The Next Idea is a highly innovative and experienced team of restaurant consultants and leisure consultants, who have successfully opened and managed more than 850 restaurants, bars, and hotels worldwide. Our team includes established experts in the restaurant, food, retail and leisure industry, offering a combined 120 years of restaurant, hotel and leisure experience. From running national restaurant chains to developing nationally known brands, the consultancy has proven over and over their ability to tackle every possible challenge in the development and operations of profitable restaurants, hotels and leisure facilities.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

How To Choose A Reliable Franchise Consultant

If you are looking to open a restaurant franchise, there are many important things to consider before starting with the plan. Opening a franchise is one of the best ways to grow in a restaurant business. Restaurant franchise consultants offer all the required help that is needed to open a successful franchise. A skilled franchise consultant determines that is your restaurant is good for franchise or not? If not, they help you in developing the concept of the franchise through accurate business planning and market research. They are the consultants that help you with the regulatory issues and offer regular guidance and ongoing support that is required to open a franchise. The most important thing is to hire a reliable franchise consultant to achieve success.

How to choose a reliable franchise consultant?

To take the help of professional foodservice consultants require plenty of research that includes referrals and background checks. Franchisors are an essential requirement to open a franchise as they are the ones who offer proper training to operate their business model. Opening a franchise is more successful than starting a restaurant business startup as you have to deal with a brand's food products that are already popular and have a reliable market image. It is less costly than a startup as you do not have to spend on the marketing of restaurant or food, menu design, market research etc. These tips can help you hire good franchise consultants.

• Certification: It is profitable to look for consultants that have the required certification for being a franchise consultant. The CFE certification stands for Certified Franchise Executives, this certificate is issued to those who have cleared their course from the International Franchise Association's educational foundation and also met the current industry standards.

• Fair pricing: There are consultants who design the same template for different restaurants at the same pricing. But, if you are giving extra to the franchise consultant, you need to get their special attention and a unique template to open a unique franchise than others.

• Specialization: Restaurant franchise consultants in Los Angeles should have specialized knowledge of the restaurant industry. They should be aware of the current trends of the industry as well as familiar with the whole market. If they are updated with the current industry norms, they are able to offer the required knowledge to work and create expansion strategies for your restaurant for its expansion. They are a perfect guide for offering the best market locations to start your restaurant business.

• Experience: Experienced franchise consultants have the capability to deal with all types of franchise restaurant contracts. They can use their past similar expenses to offer you advice in creating your own.

• Connections: Foodservice consultants in LA have many contacts in their own industry. If any recommendation required they are able to offer instant help. For example, if they haven't work for the payroll industry, they offer an instant recommendation for the one who does.

• Marketing expertise: Consultants are the marketing experts too. They provide all the support to market the business and where to target.

Choosing a franchise consultant helps in proper set-up and running of your restaurant business